A Special Spot: Langø & Nakskov [Special Edition Post!]

October 30 – November 1 The week was brutal. The weather switched from sunny and mild to cool and rainy. In addition to the dreary weather, I had so many big assignments to complete that week, including planning for my final project at my home institution. Between DIS homework and homework from my home institution,Continue reading “A Special Spot: Langø & Nakskov [Special Edition Post!]”

Study Tour Week: Overview & Pre-Departure

October 18, 2020 As a part of the Core Course, which each student chooses during registration, we are going to spend a week in Århus to put to practice concepts we have discussed in class while learning new ones. My Core Course, Modern Frames: European Art and Cinema, focused on art in its many formsContinue reading “Study Tour Week: Overview & Pre-Departure”

A Special Spot: Asylgade

September 27, 2020 For one of my Travel Writing assignments, I was prompted to recall a “Danish Encounter” that I have had had since arriving to Denmark. I figured this encounter was worth sharing, for it highlighted the general kindness I have experienced since I arrived. Upon my arrival to Copenhagen, during one of theContinue reading “A Special Spot: Asylgade”

Flowers I have bought for my room

Here’s a collection of the flowers I have bought for my room. Usually, they last for about a week, so I replace them each Friday. I started this mini-tradition about two weeks ago, but since I will be away on a study tour next week (October 19-23), I will skip buying flowers the week before.Continue reading “Flowers I have bought for my room”

Falling in Love with Denmark

October 11, 2020 If someone told me that I would enjoy biking alongside traffic about a month ago, I would have scoffed at them. In fact, I did—during the numerous orientations I attended before landing on Danish soil, I was told time and time again, how much I would come to love biking around theContinue reading “Falling in Love with Denmark”

From Roskilde to Gevninge

September 19, 2020 One Saturday afternoon, my host mother invited me to join her as she voyaged to Gevninge to pick up some items she had bought from a resident online. She told me that the countryside scenery was beautiful along the way, so I decided to tag along. She certainly wasn’t wrong. We passedContinue reading “From Roskilde to Gevninge”