Brief Update 11/25

For the past couple of weeks, the change in time and amount of sunlight has truly affect my mood and energy levels. In the mornings, I am up and ready to go but by afternoon time, I start to feel myself slowing down and by the time I finish the commute home, I’m ready to hang it up for the day and go to bed.

This feelings has simply become a part of the experience, considering that the sunset begins just before the 4 o’clock hour (today the sunset was at 3:50PM!) and by 4:30PM or so, it is as dark as midnight.

Folks have suggested that I take vitamin D supplements or even iron tablets, but the truth is that I would rather not constantly take supplements to get through my day. And so, I have learned how to live with these new mood shifts.

Part of the problem is drowsiness, and I have learned that if I can fight off the feeling for at least ten minutes, I am able to stay awake for a little longer. However, on those days where it has been simply exhausting and my body doesn’t have the strength to ward off the sleep, sometimes a nap is in order—if that’s what it takes to stay on the ball.

I also believe that there is a bit of build up of emotions considering that today marks exactly two weeks away from my departure date. That’s so crazy! I have come to love my host family as my own, learned so much from my amazing professors, and soon, I am going to have to return to a country who is on the brink of a second lockdown? I mean, who wouldn’t feel a certain way!

Yet, even as these feelings are building up, in the mornings as I emerge from the metro station at Rådhuspladsen, I take my time and absorb the atmosphere as though I was seeing the plaza for the first time all over again. I watch the scenery outside my train, etching Denmark’s terrain into my memory.

Time is running out, and my energy is following close behind, but despite it all, I am going to cherish my last two weeks!

Published by K. Perry Ojoawo

I am a sprouting writer from Denver, Colorado in the USA. Currently, I reside in Roskilde, Denmark as I study food anthropology, European art and cinema, the Danish language, and improving my skills as a writer through travel writing. I am also a volunteer student blogger for DIS Copenhagen.

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