A Special Spot: Langø & Nakskov [Special Edition Post!]

October 30 – November 1

The week was brutal. The weather switched from sunny and mild to cool and rainy. In addition to the dreary weather, I had so many big assignments to complete that week, including planning for my final project at my home institution. Between DIS homework and homework from my home institution, by the end of the week, I was completely worn out! So, for Halloween weekend, my hfamily and I escaped to Langø for some fresh air and sunshine.

October 30

At around dinner time, we arrived in Langø and had dinner with family friends of my hfamily. By this time, it was pitch black outside and I could barely see beyond a few yards ahead of me outside. But the next morning, the scenery hit me…

October 31 — Happy Halloween!

Although the day was cloudy, the bay was beautiful. From the windows of the kitchen, about a couple hundred feet from the boundary of the backyard, the bay shined. What a way to start the day!

Since I woke up a bit late, I hurried to take my breakfast and join everyone on an excursion to Nakskov. My hmom had told me earlier in the week about the secondhand stores there, so we stopped in those stores first. At the time, I was finishing up a crochet shawl for my little hsister, [view that post here!] so I stopped in a lovely yarn store for a yarn needle and a sewing needle.

We walked around the main square for a bit to look around and check out more stores. Unfortunately, I had a tension headache that morning, so once we returned home, I took a nice long nap to rest my eyes.

When I woke up, my hfamily was preparing for another excursion, so I quickly made a lunch to go and I joined them in the car. This time, we set our course for Albuen Strand. As we walked along the beach, little bugs popped out from the sand and scurried to safety, which made it feel like the ground was moving. (I didn’t look at the ground much after that.)

I could try to explain the scenery, but I believe the images speak for themselves…

As for the highlight of my evening, my littlest hbrother of only two years called my name! Slowly, he uttered the two sounds without any prompting, and I answered him with a Danish “yes” to acknowledge him. His face lit up and he giggled, and I played a quick game of Peek-a-Boo with him until the rest of the family joined us in the car.

November 1

Contrary to the weather report which predicted a rainy day, the sun shone with all its might, and the bay glistened. Since there wasn’t much planned for the day, we all took it easy.

Later that morning, I joined my hdad for a walk around the peninsula. The goal was to walk my littlest hbrother to sleep, however, he was kept awake by his awe of the shining harbor. We passed through the the neighborhood, around to the other end, then we entered the harbor and walked to the very end of the dock. The water was so clear, in fact, it was probably the clearest water I have seen in Europe since my visits to the Caribbean. If there were a bench, I would have sat there all day! On the way home, we cut across the peninsula, through a little playground with a red playhouse and outdoor exercise equipment for adults.

Soon we arrived home, and my hdad continued his walk since my hbrother had not quite fallen asleep. When I found my hmom inside, she asked if I would like to take my little hsister to the playground and I told her, “I’d love to!”

Once her hair was done, and her rain boots were on, we started off to the park. Once there, I watched her climb the jungle gym rope wall and even climbed with her. When she attempted to scale the rock climbing wall, I helped her down. We even had a little tea party at the red playhouse and afterwards we swung on the swings. Even though I spoke little to no Danish, and half the time had no idea what my hsister was saying, we still laughed and played, and our actions were a universal language. Eventually, it was time to go, and we walked, skipped, and wandered our way home.

That afternoon, I updated my log [blog post to come about this] and my hsister colored next to me as we shared a bowl of blackberries picked from the garden and soaked up the sun.

Later that day, once we returned home to Roskilde, my hmom informed me that my dear hsister had a wonderful time at the park, which warmed my heart. All in all, I had a magnificent time away from the city and I can’t wait to visit Langø again someday!

Published by K. Perry Ojoawo

I am a sprouting writer from Denver, Colorado in the USA. Currently, I reside in Roskilde, Denmark as I study food anthropology, European art and cinema, the Danish language, and improving my skills as a writer through travel writing. I am also a volunteer student blogger for DIS Copenhagen.

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing your experiences through your eyes! You are truly a gifted writer.


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