Study Tour Week: Overview & Pre-Departure

October 18, 2020

As a part of the Core Course, which each student chooses during registration, we are going to spend a week in Århus to put to practice concepts we have discussed in class while learning new ones. My Core Course, Modern Frames: European Art and Cinema, focused on art in its many forms in addition to various degrees of art house characteristics in films.

Being that this trip lasted one work week, or five days, I took my carry-on luggage as well as a backpack. Since I wear hijab, packing was rather simple: two long-sleeved maxi dresses, an open abaya, a closed abaya (pictured here. I will certainly address this photo later!), a tee shirt, a part of jeans, a hoodie, a rain jacket, four scarves with three under caps, three pairs of shoes (including the ones I wore) and of course, my unmentionables. For layering as needed, I packed a long-sleeve shirt, a satin slip, satin underpants (like, literal pants), and leggings.

In my backpack, I stored my studying gear (laptop and notebooks) along with my toiletries and various other comfort items such as my Louisiana hot sauce and my homemade lavender room spray in case I found it difficult to sleep. (Which I did not, at all. At the end of each day I fell out cold.)

Come Monday morning, I departed my home at 6:50AM sharp to catch the bus to Roskilde Station and on my way to our meeting spot for the excursion.

Published by K. Perry Ojoawo

I am a sprouting writer from Denver, Colorado in the USA. Currently, I reside in Roskilde, Denmark as I study food anthropology, European art and cinema, the Danish language, and improving my skills as a writer through travel writing. I am also a volunteer student blogger for DIS Copenhagen.

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