Nyhavn in Copenhagen

October 18, 2020

One perk that I did not expect from living with a host family is that they also host Workaway volunteers, which puts me in contact with all types of people from around the world. When I first arrived, I met Nicholas who was from Argentina. After him, I met John and Sophia, a couple from Argentina as well, and though their stay was short, we became pretty good friends. Once they departed, Marion and Steven, a couple from France, took up residence. Upon learning of their scheduled arrival, I was very excited since they provided a chance for me to practice my French in exchange for aiding them with their English.

Sadly, their visit was cut short due to medical reasons, so we were all determined to spend their last days together before I left for Århus. (Check out that post here!) Earlier that week, they had settled on visiting Nyhavn for the beautiful harbor, and so I tagged along.

Steven, Marion, and me at Nyhavn

The fun thing about visiting new places is the prospect of getting lost, which we did. It was not a big deal, though, for the day was bright and the air was fresh. We walked about chatting between English and French until we realized that we had no idea where we were going. After a little reconfiguration, we were back on our way.

Let me begin by stating that the photos on Google do no justice to the true beauty of Nyhavn…

Taken as soon as we passed the sign. How beautful!

The harbor did not appear to be very deep, but we did spot many little jellyfish floating along their way.

Can you spot the jelly? Hint: He’s transparent and near the mask.

In the end, it was worth the excursion, and it wasn’t far out of the way at all. I learned that there is still so much for me to discover in Copenhagen. My only fear is that I missed the lovely weather to do so. (The current forecast as of Oct 25 is rain all week!)

Below are some photos from the trip!

Published by K. Perry Ojoawo

I am a sprouting writer from Denver, Colorado in the USA. Currently, I reside in Roskilde, Denmark as I study food anthropology, European art and cinema, the Danish language, and improving my skills as a writer through travel writing. I am also a volunteer student blogger for DIS Copenhagen.

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